After my last English Blog entry, I will summarize the events that took place a little bit. After we went to Whangarai Leia’s knee was getting better every day.

We visited Treasure Island Motorhome and stayed there together with our friends from switzerland for a couple of days. Including a very, very good track upon the hill and swimming and fishing.

From there we went over Orewa back to Auckland, because we had to swap the Campervan to our bought car. When we arrived at Auckland we first went to the dealer and I really got the car. Unbelievable. I never thought I would buy a car at the other end of the world.

Then we have had an invitation by our previous host from the first week in Auckland and we had a lot of talk. Accompanied by some troubles caused by my kids. They locked the Campervan and left the keys inside. Luckily Sammy did have a ladder and the top hatch was not closed, so Luke could jump in and open the camper again, otherwise it would have cost 500 bucks.

Then we bought a hell of lot of stuff, nearly everything you need for camping. But it was not that expensive as I would have thought. And you would never believe, what you can pack into a truck, if you do not own one.

Then we headed more westwards towards the Coromandel peninsula. There we met again our Switzerland friends and stayed at the hotwater beach together. The weather was fine the first day, but the next days we had a lot of rain and strong winds. But the tent is still standing, so I guess it will last the next 6 weeks.

so long and thx for reading, leave comments if you like.

btw: I nearly healthy again, after my daughter twisted her knee, I decided to get something like a flu. So I was out for a couple of days, but now its getting better. Except for the cold nights in the tent. 😉

pictures will be added tomorrow, i don’t wanna have pics in this entry, that already been seen somewhere else