After yesterday we were a bit tired. But we didn`t have the time to sleep-in. Marg and Blue (our friends who did so much for us over the last months) will go over the weekend to their relatives. So if we want to see them before we leave we have to get up early.
Together with May we went to them at 8.30 am for a cup of coffee and a chat. It was very nice to see them again. Around 9.20 we have to go to Levin and say Goodbye to our dear friends. We will miss them and we hope we see them again.

After that we go to Levin because Manuela has got her last session with the physiotherapist. While Manuela and May go shopping downtown I do the laundry.

At midday we are back at the batch and now we have to put all our stuff into the campervan. Luckily there is enough space for everything. So it is our P(acking)-Day.

Biggest issue is the cleaning of the batch.


While we do the cleaning, the kids play in the campervan and allowed to watch to TV.

Late in the afternoon we meet with Snow and Julia again and we gain a beautiful picture from them. This consist of a lot of photos what we did together and some very poetic writings about our friendship.
After that we drive to the Carroll farm and deliver the last things for Viktor. He will be leaving his parents home sometime in the future and we can provide useful things, which we will not need anymore in NZ.
Together with their kids and our kids we drive one last time to the Centre Skate Event in Levin. The kids have a lot of fun there and take their chances to say Goodbye to everyone they know.
Very late at night we arrive back at our batch. The kids can go to sleep in the campervan and Manuela and I enjoy one last time sitting at the fireplace and have a glass of wine. We cannot believe that we are really leaving this batch tomorrow. It has become a home over the last months.