Hi folks,

sorry that it took so long, to write some lines. But we used all the time we had in Dubai, therefor the days have been very long from 10 am ‚til 01 am and no time to write. On our last day in Dubai we decided to visit the spice market and do a sightseeing tour.
This time we have had a taxi driver who’s fast with his car, but not fast with talking. He barely spoke a word. And those words you didn’t understand. Nevertheless he found the spice market. Luckily there was no traffic jam, because there are holidays in Dubai. Yesterday it was awfully crowded, which is why we took the Metro.
Back to the spice market. Who has ever been to a market in an Arab country knows how this works. You walk along and love the smell of the spice and look at the market architecture and you cannot walk 20 feet without beeing asked to come into „my store“, „take a look here“, „Deutsch? Wie geht es Dich“, „Rolex, Rolex, Rolex“ and so on.
Actually at least one guy will get you and you buy overpriced stuff. What shells, make the world at least a little bit better by spending my money 😉
After that we took another taxi with a very nice driver who explained things on the way and we had a nice talk about Pakistanian Hockey League while driving to the Mercato Mall. As within all Malls no kissing allowed and we spend the time there with the nice Italian Architecture and have had our lunch there. In Dubai you get fresh fruit drinks nearly everywhere. But especially in the Mercato Mall there was a lot different drinks offered. And they were produced right in front of you.
After that we went to our last tourist activity, the Wonder Bus: You would not believe it. The wonder bus is a bus, that goes on the water as well as on the streets. So we expected a sightseeing tour as always, only with a little shipping in between. But we have been wrong.
The tour guide was more than an entertainer than a tour guide. If you ever come to Dubai, do this Wonderbus tour. The guide makes so many jokes, riddles, songs and so on. He was entertaining you so much, you don’t even look out of the window, until the bus goes into the water. Then you have a very good ride between Deira and Bur Dubai. You can see a lot of water taxis (for 1 Dirham only) and the skyline of Deira (in Deira the spice market and the gold market are located).
So that was really a good trip, especially for our children, they enjoyed it very much.
and some impressions: