This morning I was woken up by the sunlight. Within seconds I jumped out of the bed and put something on to make pictures outside. It was stunning. Yesterday we couldn’t see a thing when we arrived. But with the sun rising over the Coromandel peninsula and clear sky it was unbelievable beautiful.

Later we prepare breakfast in the bright sunlight. We felt like in the middle of summer, although it is nearly winter here.

After the breakfast we go for a little walk, while Luke and May are playing at the beach with thousends of shells.

When we returned we had to accomplish the gym track the kids have been building. That was quite fun.

We were also watching the fishermen using their rots to catch fish. But the do not throw any more the line, they use drones. Also we have a short chat with an elderly woman. Shes been on the road for 18 years and has still not seen everything. So there’s always to see more in NZ.

Sadly we have to move on. So we pack our things and do our last journey thru this country. With the beautiful weather we get again stunning views along the road.

Finally we arrive in the busy Auckland and reach our flat where our whole journey has begun.

Afterwards we drive to Jucy again and pick up our rental car.

The last thing to do for today is returning our campervan. Another Goodbye. This time we went a lot more freedom camping and had more „family time“ together than on our first campervan tour. We enjoyed it a lot. Time to say Goodbye to campervans for long time.

Nobody wants to cook and we’re all hungry so we make a stop at Dr. Carls and have some burgers. Back in the flat we have to store all the things into proper places for the last four days. And start checking for mails and whatapps and so on.

It is a strange feeling to be here again. On this table, where I write these lines, I organized car, tent, account and so on. Now I’m sitting here again and planning to go home. So quick has one year passed. Our travel blog will shortly come to an end. A few events are still on our schedule and we will report on them. So stay tuned.