With our campervan we stayed the night at the Arataki Visitor Centre at Waikatere Rangers Park. Unfortunetaly the domestic battery has got some problems, so we had only electricity when the engine was running.

In the morning it was really raining cats and dogs. So used the time to visit the Visitor Centre. Inside there was a beautiful art gallery with an exhibition of an NZ artist and the story of Kowhai. With very good crafted situations made out of paper and the right illumination the story of a young girl, who was raised by the giant trees, struggling with newcomers to her land and a final agreement was told. It gives a short overview how mankind destroys nature and how mankind maybe overcome this.

After that very nice visit we went back to the hirer and tried to fix the battery problem. The didn’t solve it this day (but luckily next day), so we had to move in nearly darkness to another campsite with powered places.